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  • Risk Diversification:  Investors reduces investment risk by spreading the risk across asset classes and companies,
  • Economies of scale: Investors benefits from economies of scale and low transaction costs,  
  • Convenience: Investors can track performance of various different securities in the market  by only tracking one fund’s performance,
  • Professionalism: Funds are professionally managed by skilled managers which helps investors,
  • Transparent: All scheme’s Net Asset Values are announced and published on daily basis,
  • Return potential: It offers one of the best returns in the market,
  • Liquidity: There is easy entry and exit mechanism,
  • Well regulated: Regulated by Capital Market Security Authority.

Individual or non-Individual will have to  understand and select a scheme to invest among the following, UMOJA, WEKEZA MAISHA, JIKIMU, WATOTO and LIQUID FUND.  Fulfil the requirements needed by particular scheme and then fill the application form which is found at our website then submit to our selected agents or visit UTT-AMIS Dar es salaam, Sukari house 2nd Floor Sokoine/Ohio street or at any nearest branch of CRDB Bank or UTT-MFI located in Mwanza, Arusha, Dodoma, Mbeya, Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. You will be provided with an account number to enable purchasing units.
Units can be bought through Tigo and M-PESA facilities, CRDB bank branches and UTT-MFI centers.
It depends with a scheme;

  • Umoja Fund: at least not less than 10 units of the prevailing NAV.
  • Wekeza Maisha: The scheme offers investment under two options, Regular and Single contribution. Minimum Contribution Amount is Tzs 1 million however an investor may choose a regular contribution of Tzs 8,340/- per month and maximum contribution amount of no limit.
  • Jikimu Fund: For quarterly income plan. TZS 2 million; Annual income plan TZS 1 million; Annual reinvestment plan: TZS 5,000/=. Additional Investment: TZS 15,000/= for any of the income plan and TZS 5,000/ for annual reinvestment plan; without any upper limit.
  • Watoto Fund: Initial Investment Amount =TZS 10,000 and (b) Additional Investment Amount =TZS 5,000/- However there is no limit on the maximum investment amount made by an investor.
  • Liquid Fund: Initial Investment = Tzs. 5 million and subsequent additional investment = Tzs. 1 million. There is no limit on the maximum amount to be invested by an investor.

The process of receiving your money is known as repurchase. Form for repurchase should be well filled, enclosed with certificate or statement of account plus personal Identity. Payment will be deposited to investors account within ten working days from the day of repurchase request made.
Many people confuse unit price and share price. The price of a unit usually found from the combination of multiple securities such as shares itself, bond, bills, fixed deposit while share is a unit ownership in a company.
Yes switch from one scheme to another is allowed to some of the funds.
Simply write a letter to us ask for such service. Make sure you have an account to a scheme you want to switch, if you do not have one, follow the procedures to open a new account.
Yes you may invest in all UTT-AMIS schemes
The needs of an investor determine the benefits of investment in a certain schemes.
UTT AMIS does not provide loan but unit holder may assign/mortgage units in favour of bank any microfinances as security to raise capital.
It is advised to nominate a person who will be vested all rights of ownership in the event of death to unitholder. If there is no nominee, then administrator will take place.
Email us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to us through our address P.O.Box: 14825 Dar es salaam  or call us through our toll free numbers  +255754 800 455/544 (Voda to voda) or +255715 800 455/544 (Tigo to tigo).

    • Tanzanians living abroad can buy Umoja Fund, Wekeza Maisha,Watoto Fund, Jikimu Fund and Liquid Fund Units through Tanzanite Account offered by CRDB Plc through the following simple process.
    • If you are a Tanzanite account holder- just fill a Consent Form and send to CRDB.
    •   Download: Consent Form
    • If you are not a Tanzanite account holder - first you have to open a Tanzanite A/c by filling Tanzanite account form and then a consent form for onward delivery to CRDB Bank Plc.
    •   Download: Tanzanite Account Form


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